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Translating is writing
Proofreading always included
Certified translations
Our portfolio

At Lexiart we believe that translation is an art, the art of words. Our name is a combination of the words "lexis" (from the Greek λέξις "word") and art.


A successful translation should read as if it were originally written in the new language. We focus on the quality of the end result, aiming at clear flowing texts, that are appealing to the reader.


At Lexiart proofreading is integrated in the translation process, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the end result.


All the translations we deliver are produced by experts specialised in their respective fields and are always reviewed by a second translator. 

We offer certified official translations from English into Greek and vice versa.

Our main working languages are Greek and English. To get an idea of our work in both combinations have a look at our Portfolios.

“Every language is a world. Without translation, we would   inhabit    parishes bordering on silence”

  George Steiner, American author & essayist

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